Storefront for Art and Architecture presents Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings a New York Archive, a project by Matilde Cassani opening on September 13th. The project unveils the hidden spaces within New York dedicated to the different beliefs of its citizens.

As part of the exhibition, we are developing a New York Archive of the Sacred Spaces in Profane Buildings and we need your help. This is an open call for contributions that explain either a story or the memory of a visit, an image of a known space, a photograph of a street sign, a location in a map, anything that might help us construct the most comprehensive guide to the sacred unknown of New York.

Do you know any sacred building in your neighborhood? Do you know of a shop that has become a Mosque? Or an apartment that has become an Iglesia Evangelica? Is there a prayer space in your block? We are looking for profane buildings transformed into the sacred: private shrines; new bespoke religious buildings; and unofficial spaces for prayer. This is a collective project and we want you to be part of it.

Max file size 3mb

If you would like to email a photo submission please send it to:

Petzel Prayer

Religion: most likely muslim
Location: 535 West 22nd Street, New York City
Opening Hours: ephemeral
Story: November 2008. While I unlock my bike outside Friedrich Petzel Gallery, a cab pulls over, driver gets out, places his rug and starts praying, from my point of view I can see both worlds, and two bodies, strangely mimicking each other.
Francisca Benitez

The Pontifical Mission Societies in New York

Religion: Christian
Location:70 West 36th street, next to sixth Avenue, NY
I am designing an office rehabilitation in Midtown Manhattan and I have found that our neighbors of the 10th floor have a church inside their office.
I found super interesting to see in the typology of the offices a cript where you can receive communion in a tenth floor.
Pablo Ros

Church of the Meek

Religion: Christian
Location:305 W 141st Street, New York, NY
Riccardo Robustini

Atlah World Missionary Church

Religion: Christian
Location: 38 West 123rd Street, New York, NY
Matteo Origoni

Mahayana Buddhist Temple (formerly the Rosemary Theater)

Location:133 Canal St. New York, NY
Opening Hours:Daily, 8am-6pm
Story: I have a friend who spent the late eighties and early nineties inside The Rosemary and other chinatown theaters watching the avalanche of films that came out of Hong Kong (before the return to Chinese rule in 1997).The Rosemary Theater … “that was the fancy one” -he says- he also frequented the Music Palace (built out of two tenements buildings), the Sun Sing (underneath the Manhattan bridge, now a chinese supermarket) the Pagoda (which now is the HSBC Bank In East Broadway and Catherine St.) and the Essex Theater (which was the first movie theater in public housing, was originally a mainstream theater, then folded, then was taken over by chinese films). The Rosemary as well as The Pagoda, my friend recalls, used to have changing hand-painted billboards made by Tiger Sign Co. installed in their facade.
Fransisca Benitez

The Interdependence Project

Religion: Buddhist
Opening Hours: Mondays 6pm-9pm, Wednesdays 7-9pm, Sunday mornings 9:30-11am
See website for calendar of events and classes.

Story: Climb up two very steep flights of wooden steps at 302 Bowery, and you will find the shared space that is currently home to the Interdependence Project (the idp), a non-secular Buddhist organization that grew out of the a group of meditators with a lot on their minds. The Bowery space with high ceilings and dark wood floors, occasional harboror of a population of cute pantry moths is rumored to have been the home of Keith Richards. In the past few years so many people have come here to begin or continue a meditation practice, learn about Buddhist psychology and philosophy or figure out how to integrate a meditation practice into their lives as artists, teachers, activists, therapists and social workers. Monday and Wednesday evenings you will find anywhere from 20-60 folks meditating in a room that echoes the sounds of the Bowery. The idp holds weekend retreats on a variety of themes and practices, activists meet ups, people of color meditation group, guest speakers from many traditions, dialogue about everything from the basic qualities of being human to the most colorful and esoteric teachings of Buddhism. In this space, many of us have discovered the true love that exists in community.

Bethel Gospel Assambly

Location: 2 East 120th Street, New York
Opening Hours: Wednesday at 18:30
Story:an interesting place to enjoy gospel singings
Gonzalo Herrero Delicado

Christ Temple Deliverance Church

Location:405 Lenox Avenue New York, NY
Opening Hours: Sunday at 9:00 AM
Story: probably one of the best places to hear gospel in the city
Gonzalo Herrero Delicado

neighboorhood church

san gennaro

Religion: Roman Catholic
Location: Mulberry Street, NY
Giovanni Cassani

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